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Lumarama`s Tentacle Wars is the first version of the Tentacle Wars game series. It consist 20 different, challenging levels for you to pass without the help of our walkthrough. Activate your brain, use your logic, grow your empire of Spores, Embryos and Pulsars and Ants and eliminate the negative and dangerous red microbes.
Use your mouse to play the game!

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As you start, the first couple of levels are very easy basically entrance to the game. They will guide you through the insides of the game and how its going to be played. As you progress in the levels starting from zone 5 you need to start using the full power of your brain because the game gets more and more tougher.

Starting from zone 15, Tentacle Wars game becomes really hard. As soon as you start the level you need to act fast and make the correct moves because you will fall behind your opponent. The ones who grows bigger empire of microbes becomes invincible and can easily defeat the opponent. If you think you failed and want to restart the level then press the restart button at the bottom left corner of the game. Next to the restart button are also the mute button(disable the music) and also the button which brings you to the main menu. At the top left corner you can see the zone(level) you are playing as well as the power limit of the microbes. If you can't play the game here, make sure you try the unblocked version of Tentacle Wars at your school. And ofcourse if you ever get bored from the game, these cool bus parking games will be always waiting on you!

The graphics of the game are basic and can be improved, but the game is still so addictive because of the challenging concept it has. There is also a shady audio which helps you get focused or at least it did to me. However, if you don't like the music it can be still muted by using the mute button. Start playing Tentacle Wars now and let us know your opinion about the game using the form bellow!

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